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"Settled" in 29 Palms

Had my first day of TAD today in 29 Palms. Wow does this base suck. My job and what I’ll be doing for the next month seems actually pretty cool and like I’ll be learning alot for whatever unit I go to after this (though that’s a whole different story at this point…that will wait for another post.) Hotel life isn’t so bad so far, but then again it has only been one night :-p. I had my workout in the pool this evening and I haven’t swam like that in forever. It felt good though, the pool was heated which was nice. Though the pool was just as warm as the hot tub…makes no sense if you ask me. The next 32 days should go by fast at this rate though. There might be some late nights and some busy days but that’s a good thing when you’re counting down the days. 

I did notice today though that my patience for people is wearing thin. More specifically my patience for young Marines is running very thin. It’s just driving me nuts, I have to g step back, take a breath, and say “it’s not their fault they’ve never deployed or been at a “real” unit”. Or they’ve just had leadership that has totally failed in showing them the proper ropes of the Marine Corps. I just have to remember to not take it too seriously and if it really bothers me so much I can take them under my wing myself. I can take this as an opportunity to guide and lead in more ways then I can at my unit now. Which is a good thing.

Right now I know this blog seems sparatic and unorganized but it will change and grow and get more organized over time. I promise! :-p I’ll make it even more worth reading! But thanks to all that are reading this! It means a lot!

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First Post (I’m Adult Running Away =))

Just starting off with a general post of what this blog will be about. It’s not matching any themes and it won’t be too overly creative for a while. For now it’s just going to be a general update on my life from Cali with some other things mixed in there too. I’ve realized recently that I miss writing and instead of having a million different journals I’ll just keep it all here.

I’m in the process of “adult running away” and by that I mean giving up Facebook. It is an idea I’ve toyed with and tried alot but never fully have given it up. I’ve changed profiles and deleted unnecessary people. But I still find myself spending stupid amounts of time on FB looking at people who don’t even really know me, and rather than edit my friends list yet again, I feel I’m ready to just quit for real this time. Addiction comes in many forms and for many years my addiction was Facebook. I was immature with my Facebook and let it take over areas of my life. Sure it’s a great tool to keep in touch with family and friends but your real true family and friends are going to keep in touch with you regardless of wether you have Facebook or not. There are plenty of other resources to keep in touch and to even see pictures and events in peoples lives. Facebook is not the only one. And I’m going to use this oppurtnity to explore those other resources and websites. I’m not sure when my deadline is but it will be soon. When that time comes my friends and family are more than welcome to email me, call, text, or comment here. Just because I will no longer on Facebook doesn’t mean I have fallen off the face of the planet.

All that being said, it’s time for me to wrap up this post. I’m heading to 29 Palms CA for a month and still need to pack…oops. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and look forward to ones in the future. =)